A global biodiversity hotspot and key source of our food is at risk.

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Not all blue rivers are healthy

A blue river might look beautiful, but for the Mekong river which should be muddy and full of nutrients, it is a sign of a very sick river.


The fast-flowing river transports sediments across the region, improving soil fertility for farmers and stabilising the delta. Many species, such as the endangered Irrawaddy river dolphin, rely on the natural flow of water and nutrients. Some species harboured here have all but disappeared from other parts of Southeast Asia, making this river their last remaining home!


Though biodiversity is vanishing at alarming rates, poorly-planned infrastructures and the limitations of traditional monitoring techniques are hindering conservation efforts.


Your help is urgently needed to protect the Mekong and help biodiversity along the river to recover.

Mekong River on January 27, 2015 vs January 25, 2020.
Mekong River on January 27, 2015 vs January 25, 2020. © NASA

Lifeline for the region is under threat

The Mekong is one of the most biodiverse rivers in the world. Home to over 1,200 species of fish, this ecosystem houses a number of endangered species, while also sustaining one of the world’s largest rice baskets — accounting for half of the country’s rice production and around 90% of its rice exports.


However, various threats are jeopardizing the wildlife and rice production in this area:

Why is it important?

Restoring the health of the river is critical because it is the lifeline of the region. A healthy Mekong reduces the severity of climate disasters, and sustains the world’s largest freshwater fishery, the region’s most productive rice basket that feeds millions, businesses fuelling economic growth, cities that house millions, and extraordinary biodiversity from river dolphins to migratory birds.


Losing this river means losing an entire life support system – for people and nature.

Rice for the region, including Singapore

A healthy Mekong is critical to food supplies and economies beyond the countries that border the river itself, since its rice exports, fisheries & economic supply chains are integral to other countries — including Singapore. If the health of the Mekong is damaged, the rice supply to Singapore and the region could be threatened!


In many ways, we depend on healthy, thriving natural environments. Conserving the river means saving so much more.


This is our urgent call to protect the Mekong River, and one action from you could turn things around.

How you can make an impact

By donating today, you help in improving the health of the Mekong by:


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